Saturday, 5 June 2010

Voulenteers Needed!

Evening All!
 The first thing on the agenda is what AFV to give a Zimmerit coating to first? My intention is to attempt to cover all the vehicles and patterns encapsulated within the production window when Zimmerit was applied under the OKH order. Possibly with a little help from my friends?

 So after mulling over the possibilities for a willing victim... It's a Tiger! No shock there then? Though this is going to be a Tiger Ausf B, King Tiger, with the prototype Krupp turret... Okay commonly now known in error as the 'Porsche King Tiger'.

 The reason for choosing this vehicle for a pasting, is it's pattern. The KT that I have chosen is one from the 1st Kompanie of the Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503 in Normandy, this particular vehicle has a horizontal ridged pattern applied to the hull and turret. ...Although this Big Cat has the heavier, broader pattern applied to the turret, this is more commonly associated with the Tiger 1 Ausf E. it does have the 'standard' smaller ridged pattern usually applied on the turret coating the hull, and 'spatula/trowel ridges upon the turret face, mantlet, and turret rear.

There are a few more images of 'other' Krupp turreted s.Pz.Abt.503 KT's with the same pattern applied to the turret... But are they the same specimen?


 I just have to decide which medium to use now!

God I love the smell of Epoxy Putty first thing in the morning! Does anybody have any other suggestions for mediums that they have had satisfactory results with recreating Zimmerit patterns with?

Well I go and crack open the box and pots and see what I can conjure up!

Cheers Phil.


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