Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Back to basics!

Hello out there!? My apologies for my protracted absence, usual kind of stuff, life and one thing and another!

 A change of plan on the next pasting project, as I already have a few of these under way! Can you guess what it is yet?  ...No prizes if you said Tiger 1!

I have three of these on the go presently, so it will give us all an opportunity to study the Tiger 1's distinctive Zimmerit patterns. We will look in depth at the application upon the many large areas that the paste was applied to, and reason as to why the pattern looks the way it does, with many different approaches and techniques of applying them.
Also with this opportunity, the differing turret and mantlet patters can be visited.

Here is a quick example of the 'Broader' turret pattern applied using a scavenged gear from a venetian blinds inertia mechanism.

 Hope this whets the appetite? Back soon, and thanks for the continued interest... Phil