Friday, 4 June 2010

Let's get pasting!

Hello to one and all, and welcome to this blog! First off all, my thoughts and intentions upon what we can achieve on this open forum, a home if you like for all matters relating to Zimmerit, including, scale application, after market detail sets, tools, materials, and insight upon the actual substance, it's application procedures, and look, upon factory fresh AFV's, in the field, and wrecks... Something for everybody really! If any body has a question relating to Zimmerit, I will be more than happy to try an assist you with your enquiries. Also anyone who wishes to add too this lexicon (hopefully) of Zimmerit is more than welcome to. Maybe at some later point, it can be migrated to a site of it's own, making it a bit more open? Until then just feel free to drop me an email.

 Back later on today with the first post proper...  Cheers Phil!

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