Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Victim awaits!

Welcome back 'pasting pals' !

 Well the subject has been assembled ready for it's application of  Zimmerit. These KT's were huge eh? I think it puts into context how heavily protected yet fairly compact the Tiger 1 was.
Will you notice that I have opted for the 'Apoxie Sculpt' This is a two part Epoxy Putty, available in many colours, and in various sizes, it is a very malleable putty, quite soft with an average curing time. It is water soluble, but not as much as say... Milliput!
Also of note in the image above, is the holes drilled for the stowage and track hanging location points, these are re-drilled from the rear when the putty has hardened, so the clamps etc area of affixing can be cleared back to styrene, giving an easier time when gluing.

I have received a couple of e-mails I received have asked about how I will achieve the 'heavier' pattern often seen on the Turret of the Tiger 1, and very rarely on the surfaces of other vehicles. For this I have used in the past, the 'inertia gear' from a set of roller blinds or venetian blinds. These are located in the pull-string mechanism on the main housing of the blinds.

Though I hope to achieve a slightly less deep pattern on the 'Krupp' Porsche KT Turret, as I believe that it was not as heavily applied as it was upon the Tiger 1!
Here are a couple of images of a 'lighter' application of the 'broader' Kassel Turret Zimmerit pattern. To illustrate my view. Note the Very Early Mid Production Tiger 1, with a complete coating of the Broader Zimmerit Pattern, except for the Mantlets 'Spatula/Trowel' applied pattern! This would have been produced around August/September 1943... Right at the start of the 'Golden Age of Zimmerit'.

The hulls pattern will be realised with the fabulous 'Lion Roar Zimmerit application Tool.

Well without further ado' I'm off to the pasting table! ...Cheers Phil

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