Monday, 6 December 2010

Time to send this one over!

 Hello again! ...Are you still there? Sorry for the massive void between updates, there is always one thing and another recently!
 Well with the Mantlet, Kugelblende and Turret rear completed, I think that it is about time this Tiger was 'shunted' over to the other blog 'Barkmann's Corner' for it's final finishing touches... Allowing us the chance to get pasting once again here on 'Zimmerit... It!

As you can see, I could not resist having a look at the Turret's Zimmerit pattern with a little paint upon it. I am moderately happy with the look of it.
 On the whole my experience using the Aves Magic Sculpt, was not as plain sailing as I thought it would have been! I find it a little soft with an awkward curing cycle, as well as a lower level of adhesion that I am used to with other mediums. Another negative for me with this time of two part epoxy putty is it solubility with water, this in my opinion takes away the best lubricant known to 'pasters'! Too much and you run the risk of slurry, adding oil or talcum powder, also creates problems for the way I apply the putty. I will try the sheet rolled method at some point, when I finish the 'factory style' application procedure with various mediums.

 Back soon! ...Panther or Tiger 1?You decide what is next upon the menu!

 Cheers Phil.


  1. Still here Phil. Subscriber 'dontcha know, lol.
    Sorry to hear the Magic sculpt gave you problems, but the results are fantastic looking! It's not the "perfect" looking Zimm that takes a little something away from a build. Yours looks real, and correct. Great work.
    Next on the menu? Panther if you feel so inclined. That's sort of the build I'm into at the moment.... Just on another site, not my blog.


  2. Hi Dale!
    Sorry for the absences... Bit of a strange year! I have been following your Blog of the Early A, that kitty is getting some serious attention, I'll drop in for a chat soon.

    Cheers for following. Phil

    Okay a Panther it is then... Late A!

  3. Late A sounds great Phil ! Any surprises in store for the zimm?
    Appreciate ya looking in on the early A build. Decided to put it up on the blog after all, lol.
    Talk at ya later